Siam Centre Fashion Visionary cranked up the supermodels in vivid hot pants and beachwear in Discovery Plaza – 12 brands showing springsummer collections over three days and Flynow looking ahead to next autumn and winter. While smaller than Elle Fashion Week, the event twice filled 300 seats in an airconditioned tent, providing a platform for the 20-plus designers who sell their togs at Siam on Third, a top destination for shoppers from Japan, Europe and the Middle East.

SENADA: Chanita Preechawitayakul’s customary femininity played out large in her elegant “Eau de Anemone” collection of updated 1940s classics like Aline skirts and highwaist slacks.

THEATRE: Sirichai Daharanont always goes for dramatic shows, and this one – titled “Paradise” – was an exciting journey around South Africa.

PAINKILLER: Siriorn Teankaprasith adorned his collection with prints of deepsea divers and marine life. The menswear label plunged deep to join Jules Verne “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”, his popular novel about adventurers aboard a submarine who discover a lost civilisation.

GOOD MIXER: Good Mixer’s Ha Yaek Plub Pla Chai (Social Stripes) collection marked two decades in the business for designer Chaichon Savantrat. It was all mixandmatch shirts and trousers with expanded silhouettes.

TUBE GALLERY: Redandgold chairs, chandeliers and a jazz band shared the runway with models showing “The Constantinople” collection, named for the Turkish EastmeetsWest city where Pisit Jongnarangsin and Saksit Pisalasupongs found their inspiration.

CURATED BY EK THONGPRASERT: Ek’s trip to Havana had all the island beauty of Cuba and the cool aroma of cigars too. The male models’ outfits included chic details on collars, pockets and waists that evoked summer relaxation.

FRI 27 NOV: Chanachai Jareeyathana’s “Everybody’s Free” collection took its cues from the wild and free 1960s, with nods to revolution chic and Woodstock. The mixandmatch outfits were full of fun – colourful costumes in knitted and embroidered fabric, with prints of peace doves and the banthebomb symbol.

FLYNOW: Flynow closed the proceedings with a string of surprises. Show director Sombasara Threerasaroj converted the car park into an innovative catwalk with huge light bulbs between the seats to delineate runway lanes.