Few years ago most of the girls in the model industry were either from Europe or Thai native. Now most of the girls are off course from Thailand but the foreigners are all from east Europe.
The east European girls are so much cheaper than the girls from Western Europe and they work for peanuts.
Most of these Russian girls stay around Rama 4 in Bangkok in small apartment and they go to parties that are free for models while waiting for work.
In western standards they would never go for models but in Thailand a tall foreigner is a model in many Thai eyes.

One of my male friends used to go to these line up and maybe 100 guys waiting to for a work that would select maybe 5 of them. They all had to line up naked and then some gay guy went around giggling and touching them. He just got dressed and left after 30 min that was his first and last model work.

If you want to work in Thailand as a model and you are not a super model, don’t expect to get rich and do not expect to get any major work.