adidas SLVR collection for Autumn/Winter 2011-12collection is now available at adidas SLVR shop, 1Floor, Siam Center, Atrium1 Zone

The collection follows a classic palette of neutrals, such as a warm gray-beige called Tarnish, spiked with pops of acid-bright color, like the electric blue known as Surf the Web. A deep forest green called Ponderosa Pine reinforces a natural element to the clothes.

On the footwear front, a new lean silhouette is introduced in the form of ultra-narrow, soft-soled sneakers in both low-tops and high-tops for both men and women. Other key footwear pieces include a winter running boot with exaggerated uppers for women and a classic boat shoe for men. Canvas accessories are adorned with zipper motifs, recalling elements of the apparel.

For Autumn/Winter 2011, SLVR finds inspiration in space travel to create tailored, sport-inspired pieces that follow a futuristic vision. The result is a bold new look for adidas SLVR, now under the creative direction of German designer ‘Dirk Schönberger’. From multi-zipmilitary bombers and silver-effect parkas to leather blouson jackets and sculpted, form-fitting knits, the sport-fashion label combines style and function in intriguing new ways.

adidas SLVR has redefined casual wear as smart, sleek, and effortlessly elegant, carving out a niche for innovative pieces that match the pace of 21st-century lives.