Thai Models


What is your web site showing?

We write and show videos about Thai super models, models, pretty girls, car show girls, beer girls and the show girls

Can I write for you?

Yes if you have a unique article you want to give us copyright to then we will give you a link back if its published.

Will you display my article?

Yes if you have the right keyword and your article is not full with spam.

Can I buy your blog?

Yes we will accept over 3000 USD for the moment but this might change.

Can we exchange links?

Yes sure please link back to our domain and use the anchor words “Thai models”

I want to advertise on your site, how can I do?

We charge 4000 THB per year for a rotating banner a real barging for this quality site if you ask us. Contact us and we work something out.

Do you have any phone numbers to these girls?


Can I work for you guys?


Can you help me contact them in any other way?

Yes you can go to Pretty Girls Thailand

What if I want more info?

Use the contact us page!






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