Thai models

A few years ago it was very popular to be a half foreigner and half Thai and before that a foreign model was unthinkable. Now something even worse have happen and that is that the dark skinned models from North East Thailand have started to become popular as models and TV stars. A few years you could not even go on TV if you had dark skin but time changes and now it is pretty cool to come from North East Thailand have dark skin.

On the model and catwalk scene it is still pretty rare and most catwalk models are from Eastern Europe and most of them live around Rama 4 in Bangkok. They work for a very small salary and the only benefits really are that they get photos and can drink free on all the models night different night clubs have.

Many catwalk shows do not use the Thai super models since they are overpriced Thai standards they maybe hire one to get some TV coverage and then rest will be lower class models and East European. In 2009 a fashion show in Phuket said they have hired all the top models and then they canceled the week before the show and used foreign models instead.

The good think with being a model in Thailand is that there is always loads of work, any promotion of a new product has some kind of short fashion show. For example if the promote a new food they make some funny looking clothing of food and do a catwalk of them. It is like a concept in Thailand every party needs a fashion show and there is nothing you can do to change that.