Thai Pretty girls

In Thailand you have super models, models, pretty girls, car show girls, beer girls and the show girls. The Thai Pretty Girls are too short to be real models but they are still cute so they can be used for covers or present something. They usually work for company that when needed provide the Thai girls for the occasion. I am sure you seen it on Thai TV or magazine when a product do a new launch of a product it is always a cute Thai girl that is holding the mobile phone or whatever they are promoting, that is a Thai pretty girl.

The most beautiful pretty girls will present the most expensive things and some will be that special product for a year or something. The Thai pretty girls are all very young and the life span is very short because they need to be pretty and cute not beautiful like a model. If they still want to work as a pretty girl when they get older they can have a career as a beer girl promoting beer in the local disco or selling alcohol in Tesco lotus. All big super markets have at least one older pretty girl working in the alcohol section trying to promote different brands to customers.

If they are too ugly to even to do that they will end up promoting juice or skin cream in your local supermarkets.