Thailand Celebrates Valentine the party in red roses can begin this weekend and stop after Valentine on February 15. Maybe you been called to work as a Model or Pretty Girl in many of the promotions that will go on around Thailand.

As you might have seen the nightclubs, restaurants and hotels around Thailand are preparing for a Valentine weekend out of this world.
The chocolate is sold in tons and the red roses price are like the gold price it never to stop climbing but on 15 February it will all be over and back to normal.
If you want to reserve a quiet weekend in a hotel around Bangkok this weekend you are probably to late already and most of the popular restaurants are full already.

The Thai people have a strange habit to adapt and take other peoples holidays and they love all the American holidays off course. I just saw that they will have St Patrick’s day in Pattaya with a big party at Walking Street. This crazy Valentine started about 10 years ago and has almost gone out of hand like the Songkran in the middle of April.

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